Chinchillas Amore & Formally 4everchins Ranch   

Chinchillas a 4ever pet

About Chinchillas Amore

Hi, We are Chinchillas Amore ! We are located in California. We have many wonderful pets including, our Chinchillas. We have about 65 +/- chins here. I'm focused on breeding show quality chinchillas that will make great pets as well!! We handle our chins every day. Our chins are part of are family, they are not just breeders, they are MY BABIES!! Each one has a name, they are not just a number. Our chins are used to all sorts of different things, like kids, vacuums, music, dogs, cats and any other household stuff. Our chins come from some of the best lines in California. I am a proud member of Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative and The Chinchilla Club. 
Photo of the month!! The color class champ spring field day 2012

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