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Chinchillas a 4ever pet

About Chinchillas

Chinchillas are a nocturnal rodent. They can live up to twenty years. So your chin will be a round for a while with proper care.

Chins need to be in 62 degrees to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Chins can easily die of heat exhaustion. They like to jump, run and cause mischief.

You can give them treats like dried papaya, and dried apple. Only one a day. No fresh fruit or vegetables, it can give them diarrhea. Bedding must be pine, no cedar, or hard woods, as it will kill a chin.

Chinchillas bathe in a special kind of dust (Blue Cloud) two to three times a week. Chinchillas eat pellets. Manna Pro Show Rabbit or Mazuri are best kind of pellets. Also fresh timothy hay every day,as well as fresh water.

Since chinchillas are rodents their teeth continually grow so they must chew on things like; lava bites, apple branches, manzanita, kiwi, mulberry and pine. Trees that are toxic for chinchillas include: any citrus, cedar, cherry, walnut, fresh pine woods, oak, plum, apricot and nectarine.

Chinchillas usually have a gestation period of approximately 111 days and have between 1-4 kits. No plastic at all. They chew it and it becomes impacted and can kill them.

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