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Info on buying a chinchilla

Deposits are $50 or half the price depending on the price to hold a kit/chin until they are weaned. Kits are weaned about 8 to 10 weeks and be at least 200 grams before leaving. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE unless something should happen to the kit/chin before you pick up your kit/chin. SALES ARE FINAL. I will hold the kit/chin for 24 to 72 hours while waiting for a deposit. If a deposit is not received the kit will be put back up for sale. Once I have the deposit the kit/chin will be held for 1 week after the agreed pick up date. If a kit is still not picked up after the 1 one week pick up date, the kit will be put back up for sale. Payments are welcome till you pay off your kit/chin. Your kit/chin comes with a pedigree unless otherwise stated. As well as a weeks worth of pellets (Manna Pro Show Rabbit), and dust (Blue Cloud Dust).

Health Guarantee

All chins bred here have a ten (10) day health guarantee for illness or defects and we guarantee they are healthy when they leave us. Although we only breed healthy animals from lines free from genetic disorders, in the event your new chinchilla becomes ill or dies we will offer a replacement chin as long as the chin is examined or necropsy is performed by a licensed veterinarian and a health certificate is signed by the veterinarian stating that the illness/death was caused by a genetic fault or negligence of us and not due to improper care by the owner. All fees, tests and vet bills are the responsibility of the buyer. The health certificate or statement of death must be presented before or at the time the animal is returned. Replacements will not be offered due to injury or improper/unsafe environment provided by the new owner.

Available Chinchillas

Here is the new list of chinchillas that are available. 


Check back often the babies from the nursery are will be coming here soon! If you have some in mind just email me and I can put you on a waiting list. I have more babies on the way !!

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